Virtual Reality App for Xplore TV of A1 Telekom

The A1 XPLORE TV VR App (which is based on our very own booomVR technology) was developed for A1 Telekom Austria AG. It allows customers, for the first ever, to watch live streaming HD TV content in an innovative, new virtual reality cinema environment, via A1 Telekom’s A1 XPLORE TV app.

Press Release – 26.07.2018 – With A1 XPLORE TV, A1 delivers Austria's most innovative TV experience to the smartphone with over 40 series, and 11 in brilliant HD. Now, along with their development partner, Rocketbike ARVR, A1 further revolutionizes mobile TV by bringing virtual reality to its viewers via a private and exclusive VR cinema.

Award-winning documentaries, action movies or even historical films now offer a completely new viewing experience. Viewers now have the opportunity to watch epic nature documentaries on an almost unlimited screen size and as a result, will have the feeling of being completely immersed in new and exciting surroundings. The unique, grid-like user interface allows the user to select VR content from a "grid wall", where all stations can be seen live, simultaneously, which can then be selected directly by "zapping" in a completely new way.

A1 XPLORE TV VR – How it Works
To experience A1 XPLORE TV in Virtual Reality, you will need a Samsung Gear VR headset. To try out the A1 XPLORE TV VR app, it is necessary to first load the Oculus Store app on the Android smartphone and create a corresponding user account. Then, in the "normal" A1 XPLORE TV app, just point to "XPLORE VR" in the navigation and click to download the XPLORE VR app. After installing the new app, the viewer can then view all current A1 XPLORE TV content in VR and can enjoy it in completely new settings and environments.
A1 XPLORE TV can be registered at for all A1 customers. When registering, the free months included in the A1 tariff are displayed. After the expiration of the free months included in the A1 tariff, the service costs will be 4.90 euros per month.