The classic advertising film has changed immensely in recent years, moving from star directors and enormous budgets in the 90’s, to the advent of the online market and digitization in the new millennium. For the producers, this means being flexible, streamlining and keeping your eyes open in order to offer solutions for every need, proving to agencies and clients again and again that you are the right choice for the job, and thus winning them over as long-term partners.

The democratization of both the means of production as well as the marketing, one parameter remains invaluable: the expertise of the individual producer. Their in-depth resource knowledge coupled with years of experience and proven knowledge of the industry with regard to which audiovisual result a certain customer will expect, provides added value and security.

 tausend Rosen has adopted an intradepartmental approach that allows us to happily and successfully take on new challenges such as content production for the online market or the development of concepts for corporate image films.

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Producing television magazines, documentaries, series and movies that appeal to the widest possible audience while also providing informative content packaged in an entertaining and courageous design style is where tausend Rosen excels.

By approaching stories and topics with an unbiased, open-mind and by treating the protagonists, actors and production team with respect, we create an environment in which films can be made that offer both high standards and high ratings. The stable co-operation with Austrian TV networks and funding institutions reinforces this approach.

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tausend Rosen´s network consists of universalists and specialists at home and abroad. Depending on the task, this enables us to produce classic TV commercials with the aim of organizing and coordinating a highly diversified team of specialists as well as to shoot social media clips by smaller teams, in which universalists take over several tasks at the same time. In addition, our network comprises directors with journalistic qualifications, which are needed for TV reports and documentaries. And last but not least, we have vast experience in accomplishing production-services at home and in producing abroad for both, domestic and foreign customers.

In the past two years, tausend Rosen provided production services to customers from the USA and produced more than ten times abroad (Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Sweden).

So tausend Rosen knows the business from both sides.



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Independent Authorship.

Film producers who have no client attain a certain degree of sovereignty, because they act on their own behalf, particularly when producing investigative documentary films.

Primarily utilization in the cinema potentially puts the producer in a position to present a matter of concern, a grievance or a blind spot in public perception directly to the public while being independent on third party interests.

Building on the experiences that was gained in the past and through the development, financing, production and utilization of the two majoritarian Austro-German co-production “Plastic Planet” (2009, directed by Werner Boote) and “Bulb Fiction” (2011, directed by Christoph Mayr), engagement in investigative documentary films will be continued.


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