Stereoscopic Videos in Oculus Go

In collaboration with partner company Rocketbike ARVR, a demo app was developed for use in the Oculus Go, which plays stereoscopic videos in a virtual cinema. An upstream environment presents all available videos on a grid wall, where they can be selected individually. Then the VR cinema opens with the 3D video on the screen.
The menu navigation as well as the type and presentation of the environment might be variably configured. They can be customized and branded or rebuilt on customer request. In addition to the stereoscopic videos, interactive product presentations can also be produced as 3D objects by tausend Rosen. The use of 3D slides as a stereoscopic slide show is a simple, but also possible usage variant.
The immersiveness and three-dimensionality of a VR cinema, in which the content of a 3D video appears tangibly close to the viewer, ensure great impressiveness. VR offers stereoscopic videos the place, where they come into their own.
The Oculus Go is an affordable standalone device that works incredibly easy, plug & play.