Hermann Fleischlos "The Choice"

In the new TV ad for Hermann Fleischlos "Die Wahl" ("The Choice") there is again an encounter of humans and white tigers, more precisely, humans and white Bengal tigers from Austria, and even more precisely, the tigers from the Camel-Theatre and White Zoo in Kernhof, Lower Austria.

As in all prior three TV commercials for Neuburger and Hermann Fleischlos, in which tigers occur, these encounters only took place in post-production, that is: the scenes with the male white tiger as well as the scenes with the tiger babies were shot separately in the zoo in Kernhof and then merged with the shots of the actors by compositing. This procedure offers the freedom to unite 300kg heavy predator "Samir" with one of his tiger sons at the same place, what even zoo director Herbert Eder has never seen before.

The concept of agency koeppel uses this freedom for an ambiguous game with two different products of the same client, a fine sausage here, a meatless sausage there, and declares that on meat-free days one doesn´t need to resign on sausage.

Camel Theater and White Zoo - Kernhof: http://www.kameltheater.at
Hermann Fleischlos: http://www.hermann-fleischlos.at
Neuburger: https://www.neuburger.at/