Disabled sports moves!

In 2019, the Austrian Disabled Sports Association (ÖBSV) wants to reach more people and draw attention to the importance of sport and exercise. To this end, the association launched an information campaign. It starts with an explanatory video, which was produced in collaboration with tausend Rosen and the animation studio "Unter freien Himmel OG" (Dipl.-paed. Gernot Stefl, BA).

ÖBSV General Secretary Matthias Bogner: "With the animated video, we have succeeded in entertaining the complex task of disability sports."

The Austrian Disabled Sports Association offers people with disabilities the opportunity to practice almost all sports, such as swimming, table tennis, skiing, dancing, football games and many more. In its around 100 clubs, experts and training programs help to learn a sport. Disabled sport helps to better cope with everyday tasks, increases mobility and quality of life and creates feelings of success. Sport makes people with disabilities more secure, strengthens their self-confidence and facilitates the coexistence of people with and without disabilities.