Because It Matters! Young Visionaries


Today's "youth" and "the young people" are depicted as disinterested in the media, disgruntled with politics and contaminated with social media. There is also talk about lack of values, about consumerism and a short attention span. In his preface to this year´s Synod of Youth, Pope Francis mentioned the threatening nihilism of youth. Yet are these reproaches not repeated in every generation? Perhaps globalized world is helping us, to interfere and do something for yourself? But who does help the young people on their way into the future?
The documentary "Because It Matters! - Young Visionaries" accompanies five young adults, all of whom aim to make the world a little better, especially for children and adolescents, but also for the socially disadvantaged. Their approaches to this are quite different, but all together they have the deep conviction that each and every one can contribute something positive.

In 2017, Agnes Aistleitner founded the textile company Teenah in Jordan, which gives work and perspective to Syrian refugees and Jordanian women on the poverty line. Her social conscience and a good business idea complements each other perfectly.

Felix Finkbeiner founded his organization "Plant for the Planet" in the age of nine and since then he is almost always on the move for climate protection and afforestation of new forests. He still wants to plant 1,000 billion trees and urges everyone to imitate and help him.

Amin Joshua wants to reach the youth with the first digitally playable bible "One of the 500" and to bring it closer to Christian topics. The idea came from a student: "If I could gamble Christian content, then I would even volunteer to deal with it."

Hannes Schöggl founded his own percussion group as a percussion teacher in the large organization Superar and sees how the regular rehearsals not only bring music closer to children and young people, but also how their self-confidence is strengthened.

Katharina Brandstetter is constantly breaking new ground in youth work and is trying to make the future project "Thinking the Church Wide" of her home diocese of Linz into a "far-reaching church" for her youth group.
Five young people, five good ideas and one common goal.
Because it matters!

Documentation, 45 min
Broadcast: 11.12.2018, 10:35 pm, ORF 2
Director: Thomas Grusch and Elisabeth Krimbacher
Commissioning Editor ORF: Barbara Krenn
A production of a tausend Rosen on behalf of ORF