tausend Rosen Filmproduktion und Werbung GmbH is managed by two producers with extensive experience: Dr. Elisabeth Krimbacher and Thomas Bogner.

tausend Rosen produces TV commercials, social media videos, TV magazines, TV documentaries and feature documentary films.

In addition, tausend Rosen works together with their subsidiary Rocketbike ARVR GmbH in the field of mixed reality. Together they create VR environments in which 2D and 3D videos are streamed online. They also create VR and AR apps, whose graphic elements are also used in videos, which in turn provide content for VR and AR experiences.
As a solitary creative product or as a productive arrangement with a common goal: High Standards with High Ratings.

tausend Rosen clearly puts intellectual stimulation and innovation ahead of short-lived effects. This, combined with fairness and mutual respect, results in a highly individual work approach that blossoms in joy for us and added value for our customers.